You might be ecstatic about your new breast augmentation, and that’s great! Breast augmentations can be a surefire way to give your body a new, balanced figure. But recovery from the procedure can be the most important part of your newly sculpted body. Here’s what to expect when caring for your new implants.


While your breast augmentation will be worth it, you can expect some discomfort afterward. You’ve just undergone an invasive, surgical procedure, so your new breasts might feel sensitive and uncomfortable. To help support your new breasts and make sure the implants remain in the right place, your surgeon might place a supportive dressing around the area that compresses and keeps everything in place. If your surgeon has placed any drains to help with fluid buildup, you will receive instructions about how to take care of them. Get lots of rest, and don’t be afraid to manage your pain with any prescriptions you are given, as the first day or two can be the most painful for many women.

The weeks After

You’ll need to make sure your new breasts have plenty of support in the weeks after, as well as avoid any heavy lifting. These things can add strain to the new weight and cause complications, including the implants shifting out of place. Do, however, walk regularly to avoid blood clots, but don’t participate in any excessive activity. Drink lots of water and maintain a healthy diet so your healing goes smoothly and quickly. Most breast augmentations require a minimum of six weeks to fully heal, so plan for any lifestyle changes you might need to make.

As with any surgical procedure, be sure to listen to your surgeon’s instructions so you can heal quickly and be alert for any sign of complications. A breast augmentation can change your life, so make sure you’re on your way to a new, healthy contour.

If you’re considering a breast augmentation procedure and would like to ask some questions, contact our office to schedule a consultation.


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