Dr. Sarraga can improve the contours of the body (abdomen, arms, thighs & buttocks) and reduce the appearance of cellulite using cutting edge non-surgical technologies combined with his expertise with injectables. Body contouring has always been an area of interest to Dr. Sarraga, for years he has used his artistic eye and surgical experience to enhance these areas. It is no secret that surgery will always deliver a more dramatic result, however Dr. Sarraga feels he can treat many patients with non-surgical modalities and improve these areas.


Buttock contouring

This is one of the areas that is most popular in south Florida. The year round beautiful weather and Sunkist beach life, patients are very aware of their buttock area. Life events such as aging, childbirth, weight changes and genetics affect the appearance of the derriere. We lose volume and support, creating unevenness, flatness and in many cases cellulite. Using combination treatments Dr. Sarraga can help lift the buttocks, volumize the and balance the area, improve the appearance of stretch marks, surface irregularities (waviness of skin) and even cellulite.


Experts know that you can tell someones true age by their hands; as time goes by, we lose volume in our hands, showing the deeper structures, leaving hands that can look “veiny” or “tendonny.” In addition the skin suffers sun damage that result in age spots and pigmentation.  Dr. Sarraga offers laser treatments and fillers to improve the contour and the tissue quality.

Arms and thighs

As we age fatty deposits can develop in the lower part of the arm, that coupled with skin laxity can develop a undesired fullness to even a sort of batwing appearance. Improving the muscle tone (exercise or emsculpt) of the arm can help to sharpen the contour, other treatments can help decrease the undesired bulging (coolsculpting or lipo with fat grafting) and tightening treatments can improve the overall shape and appearance (brachioplasty or energy bases treatments) while others can improve the tissue quality (biostimulatory fillers).


This is an area of great interest to Dr. Sarraga because many changes can occur to men and women as the years go by and life events. Excess fat and skin and looseness (aka – lipodystrophy) of the abdominal skin and bulges (pouch or roundness) of the abdomen are the most common complaints. Amazingly there are many cases that an early intervention using fat elimination (such as COOLSCULPTING) and toning the abdominal muscles while boosting exercise results (using EMSCULPT) can help you regain your figure.

In addition, age, pregnancies, sun exposure, changes in weight and diet can leave the skin with stretch marks, looseness and even crepe like appearance. Surgery can remove the excess fat (liposuction) and skin (tummy tuck) but in general does not improve the skin condition. The addition of BIOSTIMULATING fillers can help create new collagen and tightening improving the overall skin condition. Dr. Sarraga can also treat patients that have undergone liposuction in the past and developed areas of unevenness or scarring.


Delivers ultrasound waves under the skin at different levels, this energy creates “hot spots” and forces your body to create new collagen for the following months lifting and tightening the area. This procedure is one of utmost importance for NEOCOLLAGENESIS (creation of your own new collagen).


Dr. Sarraga injects fillers into the areas that have contour deformities (volume loss, unevenness) or cellulite; the filler works by inducing new collagen production (thereby tightening and improving the tissue quality) over the next six months, improving the tissue quality and can reduce the appearance of cellulite, unevenness of the area and can also volumize the buttocks. The buttocks is one of Dr. Sarraga’s favorite areas to inject as he can artfully lift and shape the buttock and restore a more youthful look as he would during surgery.



Dr. Sárraga was born and raised in Puerto Rico, where he spent most of his life. He decided at a very early age to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and pursue a career in the art of medicine and surgery. Dr. Sárraga has been featured in several publications including Aventura Magazine™ and Healthy Valley® Magazine where he has discussed procedures including Facial Rejuvenation and Breast Surgery. Dr. Sárraga has been awarded one of Castle Connolly’s top doctors in Miami for the last 5 years. He has also been featured with his friend and mentor Dr. Storch. Since Dr. Storch’s retirement, Dr. Sárraga now runs ARTIS Institute Plastic Surgery as a single practitioner.



This amazing technology works by transmitting High Intensity and Frequency Electro Magnetic Energy (also known as HIFEM) to the area of treatment. Emsculpt treatments usually last 30 minutes and a minimum of 4 treatments are needed for an area.

During this treatment +20,000 SUPRAMAXIMAL (you cannot physically accomplish these contractions at the gym) contractions are delivered to the treatment area.  The benefits are tightening and toning the buttock, thighs, calves, arms and abdomen increasing the muscle mass up to 25%.  The abdomen has an added benefit of up to 15% fat reduction in the area – each treatment is more than equivalent to a HIIT workout.


Cryolipolysis or Freezing the Fat is a well known and safe treatment for body contouring. The applicator(s) are placed over the areas where pockets or fat bulges exist by a skillful technician. The treatment area is frozen for the next 35 minutes. The frozen fat is then slowly and naturally removed from your body during the next 3 months resulting in a 20-25% fat reduction in the area. The treatment can be performed multiple areas; in general large areas such as abdomen, love handles and back bra fat or smaller areas – from arms, inner thighs, axillae (where the fat can stick out of the sides of the straps) and even unwanted fat on the knees.

To learn more about the non-invasive body contouring treatments available to you, request an appointment with our office today!

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Dr. Sarraga did an excellent job with my nose. I was looking for a natural finish and a slimmer tip to my nose and he did just that! His staff is remarkable and he takes the time with you to listen. I highly recommend him!




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