Men with large breasts often have a poor body image and face ridicule from their peers. In most cases, these men have a condition called gynecomastia. Gynecomastia causes the growth of glandular breast tissue, meaning that large male breasts are often not the cause of fat buildup. However, fat can contribute to gynecomastia or large male breasts can be solely caused by fat, a separate condition referred to as pseudo gynecomastia.

Patients in the Miami area can rely on Dr. Andrés Sárraga for safe and effective male breast reduction with a treatment customized to their needs.

What is Male Breast Reduction?

Male breast reduction (gynecomastia surgery) is a surgical procedure that removes excess breast tissue and fat from the breasts to contour a more masculine chest. A combination of tissue excision and liposuction will be used, depending on whether your enlarged breasts are caused more by breast tissue or fat. Puffy nipples that are enlarged or protruded will also be reduced to sitting flat on the chest. Dr. Sarraga will evaluate your chest and discuss your concerns to determine the best techniques for your male breast reduction.

Male Breast Reduction Candidates

Men in overall good health who feel self-conscious about the look of their enlarged breasts can benefit from male breast reduction. Enlarged breasts can be the result of hormonal changes during adolescence or old age. Another cause is steroid use in bodybuilders and athletes (steroid-induced gynecomastia).

Men with gynecomastia are often criticized for their enlarged chest and feel embarrassed in social settings. They may experience feelings of depression, anxiety, and isolation because of their condition. Male breast reduction will help them achieve a flatter chest to enhance their masculine appearance and boost their confidence.

The Male Breast Reduction Procedure

Before male breast reduction surgery, you will meet with Dr. Sarraga for a surgical consultation to determine the best course of treatment. Your medical history, surgical goals, and the results that can be expected will all be discussed at this consultation.

Male breast reduction is an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia. Incisions will be made under the breast fold or in the armpit, depending on the amount of excess skin and breast tissue that needs to be removed. Dr. Sarraga will carefully remove as much glandular tissue as possible to prevent a recurrence of enlarged breasts while maintaining the breast shape. Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) is typically added to remove excess fat and create a better definition of the chest area. PAL uses a thin tube called a cannula that is inserted through the incisions to suck out the excess fat in the chest and armpit areas.

The nipples and areola will be repositioned to sit centrally on the breasts. The size of the nipples and areola can also be reduced by removing glandular tissue from underneath the nipple-areolar complex. An incision might be made around the areola for reduction and repositioning. Excess skin will also be removed and tightened to smooth the appearance of the chest.

Male Breast Reduction Recovery

After male breast reduction, patients will be bandaged and given a compression garment to reduce swelling. Moderate swelling and bruising are to be expected but most discomfort and swelling will improve in the first week. Dr. Sarraga will prescribe pain medications to alleviate pain, minimize swelling, and lower the risk of infection. Drainage tubes might also be placed in the incisions to prevent fluid buildup. Dr. Sarraga will remove the tubes in a few days at your post-surgical appointment.

Follow-up appointments will be scheduled regularly so that Dr. Sarraga can continually evaluate the healing process and help you safely recover. If you work a desk job, you can return to work in 1-2 weeks. Strenuous activities, heavy lifting, and strain should be avoided for about six weeks. After a few weeks, under the direction of Dr. Sarraga, patients can stop wearing their compression vests and slowly return to normal activities. Most patients will see their final results at about 6 months after surgery.

Schedule a Consultation

If you want to enhance your masculine figure with smaller breasts and a defined chest, schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sarraga at the ARTIS Institute for Plastic Surgery. He has helped many patients achieve their ideal look and boost their confidence with male breast reduction in Aventura, FL



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