Before breast augmentation, you may have an assortment of questions about what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. Follow this guide to learn what to expect from a breast augmentation.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, uses breast implants to increase the size, alter the shape, and improve the symmetry of the breasts. This procedure can restore your breasts after pregnancy or weight loss to help you achieve the breast fullness that you desire.

What Breast Augmentation Surgery Can Do

  • Increasing the volume and projection of your breasts
  • Improve the balance of breast and hip ratio
  • Adjust breast shape after children
  • Enhance self-confidence

Before Your Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation journeys often start with a lot of research, delving into the topic, and eventually scheduling a consultation with Dr. Sárraga. At this time, you can communicate any concerns, goals, and questions that you have about the procedure. Your surgeon will review your options for implant types, shape, size, and incision placement. You can try on a bra with different implant sizes and shapes to see what implants you prefer with your body type we also offer a 3D IMAGING using CRISALIX of what your breasts would look like with different size implants.

Preparing for Breast Augmentation

While preparing before your surgery you should:

  • Avoid aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs that can increase bleeding
  • Stop smoking, vaping or any tobacco products
  • Maintain a stable weight

Day of Breast Augmentation

Before your procedure, it is important to fast from food and water for eight hours before your surgery. You should wash your body with gentle non-scented soap and wear a loose shirt that buttons or zips in the front. The anesthesia used during the surgery will inhibit you from driving afterwards. Having someone drive you to and from surgery is essential for your safety.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

When you arrive on the day of surgery, you will be cleansed with antimicrobial soap, given a surgery gown, prepped with markings, and hooked up to vital sign monitors. When you are put under general anesthesia, Dr. Sárraga will numb the area with long lasting anesthesia and meticulously make the incisions where he marked and create a breast implant pocket behind the breast tissue and/or the pectoral muscle. Many times he will use a DUAL-PLANE technique which enhances the interaction between your tissues and the implant. Silicone implants are prefilled, and saline implants are filled after being inserted into the breast pocket. After the implants are precisely placed, the incisions are closed. You will slowly wake up from anesthesia with your new contours in the recovery room with your new breasts supported with a brassiere or a wrap. At this time you will be under medical supervision until you are met with another adult to drive you home.

After Your Breast Augmentation

After the surgery your will be covered with some gauze and a caregiver of your choice will take care of you for the first day.  Pain medications and antibiotics will have been prescribed to you, and you can return to work within a few days. A supportive bra must be worn for six weeks after your surgery. You must avoid heavy lifting and contact with your chest. Depending on your case the doctor may instruct you to use a bra strap to accommodate your new implants. Sleeping on your back or side is essential for proper healing. The final results will emerge after your swelling subsides within a few weeks. Your incisions can take months to years to fade.

Schedule a Consultation

Contact us by filling out our online contact form today to schedule a consultation at the ARTIS Institute for Plastic Surgery. Our team is here to help you take the first steps toward a new and improved you in Aventura, FL.


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