It’s normal to shy away from cosmetic treatments that you really want when considering the downtime afterward. If you have a busy schedule, then it can be hard to take time to rest and recover. One way that you can cut down your recovery time and still enjoy the benefits of your cosmetic treatment is Healiotherapy™. Here’s what to know about it and how you can enjoy its benefits at Storch Plastic Surgery.

Understanding Healiotherapy

As the name suggests, the purpose of Healiotherapy is a treatment designed to help you to heal more quickly after a cosmetic procedure. It works by boosting your body’s natural wound-healing process to generate new collagen and improve blood flow. The result is a reduction in swelling and bruising after cosmetic procedures like surgery, microneedling, chemical peels, injectables, and many others. Healiotherapy is an excellent accompaniment to your chosen procedure if you want to recover more quickly, reduce the chances of visible scarring, and reduce bruising and swelling so you can return to public quicker.

Knowing When to Get Healiotherapy

Healiotherapy works best after cosmetic treatments or surgeries – as soon as the day after. During your consultation with Dr. Sarraga and our team, you’ll discuss the right treatment package for you and your goals. The best part is, Healiotherapy can reduce downtime after a cosmetic procedure by 30-50%.

Maintaining Results

Healiotherapy includes a twofold approach – one stage of the process is performed in-office using a combination of effective treatments like LED light therapy, IPL, and lymphatic drainage. You’ll also be given a medical-grade LED device to continue your therapy at home and maintain your body’s boosted rate of healing.

Schedule a Consultation

Healiotherapy is one of the best ways to reduce downtime and still enjoy the benefits of your chosen procedure. To explore this exciting new option, contact our team by calling our Aventura office or filling out our online contact form.


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