If you are considering undergoing plastic surgery, there are crucial factors that you should consider. One of them is finding a qualified plastic surgeon that can conduct the desired procedure safely and help you achieve your desired cosmetic results. The specialist should possess the right skills and expertise and have a certificate from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Here are the primary reasons you should work with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Andrés Sárraga, MD, and Dr. Alonso Martin, MD.

Specialized Training

For ABPS to certify a surgeon, they must go to medical school, complete a plastic surgery residency program, and undergo extensive surgery training for at least five years. This training equips them with extensive skills to complete different reconstructive procedures so you can guarantee that you will achieve your desired cosmetic results.

Get the Procedure That is Right for You

Another reason why choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon is the right decision is that you get the procedure that suits your cosmetic needs. During the initial consultation, Dr. Sárraga encourages patients to ask questions and share their concerns. He will then answer your questions and guide you through all the procedures that can help you achieve your desired appearance. This is because he has adequate knowledge about various cosmetic procedures that can make a difference in a patient’s body.


Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon is entrusting your health and wellbeing to someone with the experience to help you achieve the best outcome. To be board-certified, a plastic surgeon should first train as an intern and resident. During this period, they will perform multiple surgeries for different cosmetic purposes.

The acquired knowledge enables them to pay critical attention to detail and gain a distinguished sense of aesthetics. It also helps them determine the best surgical option to solve a patient’s cosmetic or reconstructive problem. The experience gained from a board certification assures you that you are working with an expert who can comfortably address your issues.

Continuing Education

Board-certified physicians must actively participate in different education programs and further their learning to maintain their status. This helps them to learn more about advanced techniques in their field and enables them to be more dedicated to patients’ care and wellbeing.

Peace of Mind

Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon relaxes your mind because you are confident in their qualifications. Such a professional has undergone adequate training in this field, is conversant with the medical community standards, and is likely to offer you the best experience during the procedure. This expertise assures you that your safety and wellbeing are in safe hands. Moreover, the peace of mind enables you to focus on your recovery.

Schedule a Consultation

It is vital to recognize the significance of board certification when choosing a plastic surgeon. Choosing a certified professional will guarantee that you are in safe hands and that you will achieve your cosmetic goals. Anticipate the best cosmetic or reconstructive outcomes by contacting our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sárraga for a consultation and treatment plan.


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