Dr. Sárraga and the team at Storch Sárraga Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery offer Omnilux light therapy. Here is everything to know about the procedure.

Omnilux Light Therapy: What It Is And How It Works

Omnilux light therapy is a form of LED light treatment that originated in the UK. The therapy triggers receptors that are found in the skin. In turn, more collagen is developed.

The treatment is provided to patients who want to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and/or improve uneven skin tone. Omnilux light therapy causes macrophages to remove debris from the skin, due to increased blood flow. As a result, patients receive a skin detox that leaves their skin looking clearer and brighter.

Omnilux: Is It Right For You?

Almost everyone can benefit from receiving the Omnilux treatments. The majority of patients have glowing skin after one treatment. However, over the course of a month is when results are really noticed. Generally speaking, patients receive nine treatments over a period of four weeks.

Anyone who wants to improve their skin can benefit from Omnilux. This includes those who have sun-damaged skin, tired-looking skin, or uneven skin tones.

The Benefits Of Omnilux Light Therapy

Clearer and brighter skin are some of the top benefits of Omnilux Light Therapy. Your skin will be more hydrated and firmer because of increased elastin and collagen. Another benefit is your skin will be left with a glow, which is why it’s perfect to get right before a special event. For example, it’s beneficial for brides-to-be, mothers of brides, and bridesmaids. This is because the treatment offers immediate results.

Many patients who receive the treatment feel an increased sense of well-being. This is because Omnilux increases the levels of serotonin, which is known as the “feel-good” hormone.

Other key benefits include:

  • Photo-modulation- This is a process that causes the stimulation of cellular mechanisms. It’s one of the reasons the therapy is highly effective.
  • No Tissue Damage- The therapy does not cause any damage to skin tissues.
  • Non-Invasive- It is a non-invasive procedure. It is very safe and no major side effects are associated with the treatment.
  • Treats Several Areas- The treatment can be used on several areas of the body, including the face. Larger areas such as the chest can also be treated.

Is There Downtime After Omnilux?

Perhaps the best thing about Omnilux is there is no major downtime. Right after treatment you can get up and head out the door. In general, the treatment takes around 20 minutes. After that, you can carry on with your everyday activities and routine.

Request a Consultation Today

Dr. Sárraga and the team at Storch Sárraga Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery can provide you with Omnilux light therapy. As experts in Omnilux, you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands. Contact Storch Sárraga Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery today to schedule a consultation.


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