Changing with the seasons is one of the best things you can do for your skin. When fall arrives, it’s a good time to reassess your skincare and begin to take steps to prepare your skin for winter. Here are just a few ways you can get the most out of your skin during the fall and enjoy a healthy, radiant look.

1. Stay Hydrated

During the hot summer, it’s much easier to remember to drink water. During the colder months, however, it can be harder to remember. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the year – not only for your health, but for your skin. Generally, you should drink .5 to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight. If you find it tough to drink that much water, consider infusing it with your favorite fall foods. For example, consider adding sliced pear, cinnamon sticks, and some freshly grated ginger to a carafe of water. Also, make sure to eat plenty of water-rich foods like fruits and vegetables.

2. Moisturize Daily

Lower humidity in the fall dries your skin out faster. Therefore, moisturizing daily can help prevent dryness. Make sure to include both emollient and humectant moisturizers for a doubly effective approach.

3. Choose the Right Soap

Many soaps upset the pH balance of your skin, causing it to dry out. Consider using gentler, unscented soaps during the dryer months. This is especially important for people with eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, and other skin disorders.

4. Wear Sunscreen Daily

Even if you’ll likely be inside more often in the fall and winter, apply and reapply sunscreen daily. Make sure your sunscreen is labeled broad spectrum for protection against UVA and UVB rays. It should be at least SPF 30 (and you should wear it all year round!).

5. Humidify Your Home

Fall weather often means lower humidity levels, especially if you use your home’s furnace. While humidifiers are an effective option, there are ways to increase your home’s humidity naturally. Fall is the perfect time to bring some houseplants home since they naturally raise the humidity level. Skip using the exhaust fan in the bathroom and let the steam escape into your home’s air. Boiling water without a lid can also help.

6. Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliating can help remove dry and dead skin cells, allowing your skin to regenerate healthy new cells in their place. While manual exfoliation can be effective, it can damage your skin if done too aggressively. Consider using a chemical exfoliator like BHA products instead and use these a few times per week. Make sure to moisturize afterward!

7. Use the Right Hand Soap

Fall is also cold and flu season, so it’s essential to wash your hands often. Unfortunately, this can dry out your hands even more if you use the wrong hand soap. Choose a soap that contains moisturizers, such as aloe and glycerin. Soaps containing aloe vera and cocoa butter help to create a barrier that prevents moisture loss. Make sure to moisturize your hands before bed to reverse dryness that happens throughout the day from constant washing, too.

8. Moisturize Feet and Elbows

In addition to your face, you should give your elbows and feet some extra moisture in the fall. Generally, a thicker cream is more moisturizing than a lighter one. Try applying it before bed and putting on a pair of light, cotton socks for softer, healthier skin overnight.

9. Choose a Healthy Diet

Some of fall’s best foods can be high in sugar and calories. Although you should definitely enjoy your favorite fall treats, make sure to do so in moderation and eat a well-balanced diet the majority of the time. Additionally, find ways to incorporate your favorite fall flavors into your healthy diet like adding pumpkin and pumpkin spice to your oatmeal, or apples and cinnamon with greek yogurt.

10. Wear the Right Clothing

Wearing long sleeves in the fall can help keep you warmer, and it also protects your skin against the elements. Lighter-colored clothing reflects more of the sun’s rays. If you choose to wear darker colors, consider wearing a white underlayer underneath them.

Schedule a Consultation

There are many great ways to achieve your best skin yet this fall, so make sure to meet with our experienced team at Sarraga Plastic Surgery. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Sarraga and our skincare specialists, we invite you to contact our Aventura office by calling or filling out our online form.


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