Now that we’re into February, some of that momentum from the New Year may have waned. Whether it’s a resolution or you’re just looking for a fresh start, we’ve got you covered.  Make this year the best one yet with these procedures available to men at Storch Plastic Surgery.


If you’re resolving to lose weight and get in shape this year, treat yourself to a liposculpture procedure to help with those pockets of fat that exercise just can’t reach. Different than liposuction and other weight-loss surgeries, liposculpture creates a more toned and contoured muscle appearance. With minimal scarring, this procedure can give you that extra bit of definition.

Facial Surgeries

Whether it’s a rhinoplasty, a face or necklift, an eyelid or brow lift, or a chin implant, there’s a way to have that balanced, masculine profile to match your new body. While these procedures are available to anyone, they can be customized to your needs with a focus on sharper, more prominent features that define the masculine face. Start the new year off with a face that represents a new, natural you.

Skin Treatments

Healthy, young skin is desirable on anyone, even men. Winter and colder temperatures can take a toll on skin, leaving it dry and flaky, so consider a facial treatment like a microdermabrasion, which remove the dead, dry skin and leave you glowing and youthful. Procedures like peels or Hydrafacial MD can be used to hydrate and rejuvenate the complexion. Consider getting rid of emerging wrinkles or sun damage in time to meet the new year.

If you’re looking to start fresh this year, consider a masculinity-boosting procedure tailored to you and your body. Contact our office to get started and schedule a consultation with Dr. Sarraga.


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