A double chin can cause self-consciousness, not to mention they can be super stubborn and almost impossible to reduce with diet and exercise alone. If you are dealing with a double chin due to genetics or aging, Kybella may be able to help!

About Kybella

Kybella is an injectable treatment made up of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring chemical that exists in your liver that aids in the breakdown of dietary fat. During treatment, Kybella is injected into the fat beneath the chin, destroying fat cells for good. This creates a slimmer and more youthful neck and chin appearance.

During treatment, you will receive multiple injections under the chin, which takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. The number of injections will depend on the amount of fat present under your chin and your desired results. Most individuals require a series of Kybella treatments spaced one month apart for best results.

Many individuals choose Kybella due to its many benefits. This treatment is nonsurgical, which means there are no incisions, stitches, or scars involves. Plus, because there is no surgery, there is no downtime needed, either! Many people return to their everyday routines right after treatment. It is expected that the area will undergo swelling as the injectable works, most of the swelling is gone in a week but residual swelling may last 3-4 weeks . Another benefit is that, because Kybella eliminates excess fat cells, they cannot grow back, resulting in long-lasting results. Most individuals who receive Kybella treatments do not need further treatments in the future.

Are You A Good Candidate?

Individuals who are bothered by the fullness under their chin and wish to avoid surgery can often benefit from Kybella treatments. A consultation with Dr. Sarraga or Jenya Titova can help to determine if this treatment is right for you.

Interested in learning more about Kybella to eliminate a double chin? Contact our Aventura, FL office today!



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