Human beings are all wonderfully “one-of-a-kind.” That’s why they should never copy others at random. This includes emulating day-to-day skincare routines. If you’re someone who is interested in doing terrific things for your skin, then you should learn all about products that are available to you from EltaMD. Many of our patients find great results from an EltaMD skin care routine that’s in line with their specific skin type. Remember, skin is never the same. Some people have skin that’s rather dry, others have skin that’s on the oilier side. There are even people who have elements of both.

Facial Washes

It’s crucial to put a lot of thought into facial cleansers. Washing your face is a vital part of keeping your skin fresh and glowing. If you have a complexion that’s comparatively oily, then EltaMD has options that can cater to you. Often, these products are also suitable for those whose skin type is considered “normal,” meaning it is not particularly oily or dry.

People who have dry or normal complexions often find that facial cleansers with foaming abilities work best for them. Foaming washes can even come in handy for people who are trying to heal after skin treatments. Foaming washes also help to remove excess oil, makeup, and dirt or other debris.


Ample hydration is the key to a complexion that has a youthful, fresh and supple appearance. If you fail to hydrate your skin sufficiently or correctly, you may end up with a dehydrated complexion that looks older and more tired than you want. EltaMD has moisturizers that are suitable for the evening and the morning hours. The brand has moisturizers that are completely free of oil as well. If you want to make an intelligent EltaMD moisturizer choice, consider all of your options. The company has a couple of moisturizing formulas that are actually suitable for people regardless of their specific skin categories. That means that people with dehydrated, oily, and normal complexions can all take complete advantage of them.

Sun Protection

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are harsh and intense and therefore can cause rapid aging. If you want to safeguard your complexion from the development of wrinkles and fine lines, you should search for a dependable EltaMD sunblock. The brand presents people with choices in sunscreen formulas that are fitting for dry, normal, and oily skin categories. Especially in sunny climates like Florida, it’s important to wear SPF products daily and year-round.

Schedule a Consultation

Contact Storch Plastic Surgery for details about skincare routines. The experts at Storch Plastic Surgery will help guide you through your options to choose the best skin care products for you. Dr. Andres Sarraga’s Aventura, Florida office is inviting and accommodating. Request your appointment online or call (305) 932-3200.


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