Emsculpt is a relatively new body shaping cosmetic treatment. It was launched by BTL Industries, a major manufacturer of aesthetic and medical equipment, in 2018. It is viewed as a game changer by top physicians and continues to gain recognition as happy patients share their experiences and satisfied results. In 2019, RealSelf proclaimed it as one of the “Most Worth It” procedures to have done.

RealSelf is an online marketplace where individuals can learn about cosmetic treatments and share their experiences after having cosmetic treatments done. It also connects patients with board-certified cosmetic doctors like Dr. Sárraga. This online marketplace allows consumers to rate treatments as “Worth It” or “Not Worth It.” For all of 2018, the cumulative “Worth It” rating for Emsculpt was 92%, with over 30 reviews.

BTL Industries Honored by the Recognition

BTL Industries has revolutionized treatments related to skin tightening and body shaping and are behind Emsculpt and other treatments like it. They were honored to receive this distinction from real patients who rated Emsculpt as “Worth It” through RealSelf. It’s especially significant knowing that these ratings came from individuals who have actually used the brand-new treatment and were pleased with the results.

Emsculpt Receives Great Reviews from Physicians

There are multiple reasons Emsculpt is becoming a popular treatment for doctors to recommend to their patients. Firstly, Emsculpt allows patients to enjoy dramatic results. It showcases the best practices in the industry. As satisfied patients tell others about the treatment, this leads to doctors receiving more business. Safe treatments that help people feel better about themselves gain popularity quickly.

Physicians who offer Emsculpt therapy have found that the treatment has helped grow their practices. One report showed that over 50% of new patients visiting cosmetic doctors wanted Emsculpt treatments.

BTL industries has done several things to further the industry buzz about the treatment. It was showcased at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology in 2019 and was also featured in multiple education sessions with clinical advisors and top physicians.

Why Emsculpt Has so Many Satisfied Patients

Emsculpt uses a completely new form of technology to reduce fat in the body. It goes beyond other body shaping and fat reduction treatments. It can eliminate fat cells and strengthen muscles. Emsculpt uses a first-of-its-kind high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscles in the treatment area. This new technology allows Emsculpt to cause 20,000 muscle contractions during a 30-minute session. It is the only treatment on the market that can both build muscle and destroy fat simultaneously. After just four sessions over two weeks, patients see an average muscle increase of 16%, and a fat reduction of 20% or more.

Ideal candidates for Emsculpt are individuals who lead an active and healthy lifestyle. It can help them reduce fat in stubborn problem areas, like the buttocks and abdomen.

Contact Us to Learn More

If you want to try Emsculpt for yourself, contact our team of professional aestheticians to learn more. Schedule a consultation with the amazing team at Storch Sárraga Plastic Surgery in Aventura, FL to find out if Emsculpt can help you reach your ideal body image goals.


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