With the new year just around the corner, it’s time to start up on a list of New Year’s resolutions. While it’s great to make plans and set goals to better our lives, it’s also important to recognize that some of the most popular resolutions can actually wreak havoc on one’s skin! Before you start writing out your list of plans to make the new year better, consider the following things that can seriously damage your complexion.

1. Diet Plans.

Losing weight is on most lists of New Year resolutions and can be a positive thing for your body all the way around. But before you jump on board with the next weight-loss fad, it’s important to realize that popular diets are often unhealthy for both your body and skin. Fad diets often limit your nutrients in an effort to shed pounds — while it may work short-term, the weight-loss rarely lasts, while the damage to the skin and body manages to stick around. If you are planning to diet starting January, make sure that fruits and veggies will still be a part of your diet.

2. Exercising More.

Working out at the gym is great for your body and can help your skin stay healthier — if you take the necessary steps to keep things clean. Instead of just washing your skin after working out, wash it before as well to strip it of makeup. If you leave makeup and dirt on your face before working out, it can cause clogged pores and breakouts. And don’t forget to keep your hands off of your face when you’re using filthy gym equipment!

3. Being More Productive (and losing sleep).

As the winter months descend upon us, it can be easy to start falling asleep in front of the television or curling up under a blanket to take a nap. Many people find that they need to reduce sleep to accomplish all their new year goals. While it may seem like you have to cut back on sleep to keep up with family and work responsibilities, keep in mind that getting too little sleep can cause skin problems. Without the ability to restore itself during your resting hours, skin can become dull and lackluster; in fact, you may start to notice more wrinkles developing! Rather than cutting sleep out of your new year plans, make it your goal to get around 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

Starting out a new year should be complete with a healthy, clear complexion. You can start to develop a beautiful skin tone by eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, getting plenty of sleep, and keeping your skin clean. On top of this, start adding anti-aging skincare products to your routine so that you can greet 2020 with brighter skin. The confidence you develop will certainly give you a boost toward accomplishing your goals!


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