Rejuvenation of the upper face may require multiple procedures such as eyelid, brow rejuvenation and  forehead surgery to create a harmonious appearance around the eyes.

Upper Face Rejuvenation Procedures:

A central brow lift will help relax the frown lines, a lateral brow lift will raise the outer droopiness and a blepharoplasty can remove the excess baggage over the eyes and open them. It is truly a balancing act between the different structures in the upper face.

Do These Procedures Require Separate Incisions?

The short answer is : it depends

All of these procedures traditionally require separate incisions.

They can all be performed through the same incision when chosen for the right patient and done by a surgeon familiar with periorbital surgery.

What Can Be Done Through The Upper Lids?

the incisions used for a upper lid blepharoplasty can be used to:

1) Access the muscles that we use to frown (aka the dreaded “11’s” or glabellar frown lines), these muscles can be modified to relax the frown lines in the glabella and gently raise the brow; as an added bonus it acts like permanent botox.

See picture below with patient frowning before and after the surgery , this patient has never had botox or laser done before!


2) Through the same incisions the lateral brow can also be accessed and lifted internally to a more attractive position.


In males the brow can also be lifted through limited incisions.


In conclusion even though it is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, through the upper lids you can accomplish a lot more

So limited incisions doesn’t necessarily mean limited results.

Andres G. Sarraga MD FACS

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